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Tom Rushworth

I’m a Leeds based freelance digital creative specialising in UX design, UI design, ecommerce, front-end web development, graphic design, and branding. I have 11 years industry experience working with large brands, start-ups and independent businesses.

Form, function and usability are the core values of the work I produce to create a positive experience for the end user.

Work skills:

  • Working closely with clients to deliver projects on time and on budget
  • Project brief, scope and risk analysis
  • Detailed estimating and project planning
  • Project and time management
  • Discovery phase research and development
  • Creative thinking and conceptual design
  • Experience leading teams of creatives and developers on projects
  • Working solo on projects from design, to build and delivery
  • User testing digital products
  • Good knowledge of print techniques
Tools I use
My Studio - Tom Rushworth

Tools I use

These are some of the software applications, project management tools and languages I use to produce my work.

Tools I use - Adobe Photoshop Tools I use - Adobe Illustrator Tools I use - Adobe After Effects Tools I use - Adobe Premier Pro Tools I use - Adobe In Design Tools I use - Sketch Tools I use - Sublime Text Editor Languages I use - HTML5 Languages I use - CSS3 Languages I use - Javascript Tools I use - Responsive web design Frameworks I use - Foundation Frameworks I use - Bootstrap Frameworks I use - Material Design Lite Tools I use - Jira Tools I use - Github Tools I use - Paymo Tools I use - Trello Tools I use - Slack

Platform experience

These are platforms I have experience using. I specialise in Wordpress/WooCommerce and Magento

Platforms I have experience with - Wordpress Platforms I have experience with - WooCommerce Platforms I have experience with - Magento Platforms I have experience with - Venda Platforms I have experience with - Salesforce Platforms I have experience with - ATG Platforms I have experience with - Mailchimp

Work history

Here are clients and brands I have worked on whilst freelancing or at other companies.

Agency: Perfect Storm

Agency: Marvellous

Agency: Onstate

Agency: Date Of Birth

Company: Republic Fashion Retail

Agency: Blacksmith Design Consultancy

Other Clients